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Eye Hospital in Mumbai: Avail The World-Class Glaucoma Surgery Facilities in Mumbai

Doctor eye institute, Eye hospital in Mumbai, is completely prepared

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Glaucoma, also called "Kala Motia" is an eye sickness wherein there is an expansion in pressure inside the eye. Just as certain individuals have hypertension, similarly, glaucoma patients have high eye pressure. If the eye pressure stays high for quite a while it harms the optic nerve which conveys the light sensor from the eye to the mind. This harm to the nerve is irreversible and prompts perpetual and incurable visual deficiency. That is the reason glaucoma is a risky sickness of the eye and has been marked as a "lurking thief of vision". Glaucoma is the second most reason for visual deficiency on the planet with 70 to 105 million individuals influenced around the world (WHO).

Symptoms of Glaucoma include:

● A sudden decrease in vision

● Extreme eye pain

● Headache, Nausea, and vomiting

● Glare and light sensitivity

Doctor eye institute, Eye hospital in Mumbai, is completely prepared and has suitable technologies and the ability for the cure services of all cases of Glaucoma. All patients coming to our hospital are screened to distinguish early instances of Glaucoma so that timely treatment could be given and further advancement of the sickness is controlled.

Eye Hospital in mumbai

You can avail of the best Glaucoma surgery in Mumbai by approaching the besteye hospital in Mumbai. As harm to nerves brought about by glaucoma can't be turned around, the point of the treatment is to avoid or diminish further harm to the optic nerve. The initial step to do that is to bring down the eye pressure. The three modalities of treatment are:-

1. Medical (Eye drops and tablets) Laser treatment Surgery Medical treatment: - Your eye care physician will recommend certain medications(Eye drops and tablets) in order to bring down your eye pressure. You should utilize the medications routinely as coordinated by your ophthalmologist. A regular follow-up, as directed by your doctor, is compulsory.

2. Laser treatment: - If glaucoma isn't controlled with the assistance of meds prescriptions, if the reactions of the medications are not very much seen, or the patient can't manage the cost of the expense of the meds, the subsequent choice is LASER TREATMENT. Your specialist will choose which laser is reasonable for you.

3. Glaucoma surgery in Mumbai is the only choice left for patients in whom the eye pressure isn't controlled with meds prescription or laser. It is additionally the treatment of choice in non-compliant patients, and in babies and kids with glaucoma.

At this Eye hospital in Mumbai, we have Newer imaging techniques that assist in the early detection of this hazardous disease. So wait no more, and if you see the symptoms contact us immediately.

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